Eros and Dream

Eros and Dream

Dreams Written on Page, Love Envisioned in Words

We dream and love through literature. The eros of literature forms communities linked not by blood 
but by conversation, that bloom and flourish all over this green earth. But where exactly does it bloom? 
The community created by literature raises its roof and throws open its windows wherever eros and dreams 
find their way. The people of earth are connected to each other under this beautiful roof like the constellations
in the night sky. We may be very far from one another, but if one should raise a hand and say, hello, you can be 
sure that someone will flash their hand in answer. Today we shall shake hands with our friends that have flown so 
far across the skies, and talk about dreams and love in literature all night. 


Kim Haengsook (poet)​ 

2014 Seoul International Writers' Festival Board Member 

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