History of SIWF

Seoul International Writers’ Festival is a biennial literary festival hosted by LTI Korea, in which writers from home and abroad have the opportunity to interact and exchange their works and perspectives. SIWF was started in 2006 under the title “Seoul, Young Writers,” and this year we proudly present the 5th SIWF.  

2012 Seoul International Writers’ Festival 
2012 SIWF was held from October 29th to November 2nd in the beautiful Jeju Island and Daehak-ro area, one of the main cultural districts in Seoul, under the theme “Reality + Imagination.” Overall 20 writers (10 Korean writers and 10 international writers) were invited to the festival to talk about reality and imagination in their literary works, and through public reading session they had the chance to interact with readers in Korea. 

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[List of Participants of 2012 SIWF] 

2010 Seoul International Writers’ Festival 
Under the theme “Fantasy + Empathy,” the 3rd SIWF was held in the Literature House Seoul and Jeonju Hanok Village from May 10th to 14th, 2010. 24 writers from around the globe (12 Korean writers and 12 international writers) gathered together to give public readings and to participate in the free talk session, in which they conversed about “fantasy in my literary works.” The participation of children’s books authors expanded the boundary of the festival, and the writers enjoyed the chance to communicate with a wider readership through their visit to the Seoul International Book Fair.

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[List of Participants of 2010 SIWF]

2008 Seoul Young Writers’ Festival 
The second festival was held in Seoul and Yeongju/Andong area from May 18th to May 24th, 2008 under the theme “Communication + Inspiration.” Living out the festival’s concept of “Young Writers,” 40 young writers (20 Korean writers and 20 international writers) under the age of 45 gathered in Hongdae Street, the center of youth culture in Seoul. The writers participated in uniquely styled public readings in which 4 writers were grouped together as a team, and freely exchanged ideas on the theme “My Inspiration” during the free talk session. 

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[List of Participants of 2008 SIWF]

2006 Seoul Young Writers’ Festival
Started with the aim of creating a friendly venue for communication among writers worldwide and of sharing Korean literature with the world, the first SIWF was held in Seoul and Yeongju area from May 8th to 13th, 2006. We invited 36 young writers from around the globe (20 Korean writers and 16 international writers) who commanded new visions and created new voices in literature. The participants gave presentations on the topic “What signifies newness in my literature?” and had an opportunity for talk and exchange of views with Korean readers. Through visits to a Buddhist temple and other historic places the writers could deepen their understanding of Korean culture, which is the basis and inspiration of many great pieces of Korean literature.

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[List of Participants of 2006 SIWF]
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