About SIWF

Seoul International Writers' Festival is a literary event hosted by the Literature Translation Institute of Korea, which invites writers from Korea and around the world and celebrates sharing and exchange through literature. Held biennially in the last week of September, SIWF brings writers together in discussions of each other's work, readings, and a varied program of cultural events that celebrates literature across the boundaries of genre and country.




Free Talks
Writers talk about topics they’ve never touched on in their writing. Through their exchange, you get to peek inside their secret selves. On a lonely island that lies between memory and oblivion, or on a seesaw in a merry playground, you get to meet the writers and be part of their



SIWF is an attempt to share literature in myriad ways and forms. The voices of the writers reading from their books stir the imagination, while performances like plays, dances, and videos awaken our senses and expand our horizons.Be part of an unforgettable literary experience as you rediscover writers and their books through a medley of book readings and performances.

Free Talks
Date 9. 26 (Mon) 9. 27 (Tue) 9. 28 (Wed) 9. 29 (Thu) 9. 30 (Fri)
Place Space ​Feelux​ Space ​Feelux​   Space ​Feelux​ Space ​Feelux​
13:30   [novel]
HAM Jeung Im​ - Lili Mendoza
Author Workshop [poem]
Moon Taejun​ - TJ Dema
14:30 [poem]
Pak Jeong-de​ - Alexis Bernaut
Kim Sun-Woo - Teemu Manninen
Cheon Myeong-kwan - David Vann
Bae Suah - Werner Fritsch
15:30 [novel]
Kim Kyung-uk - Tong Weiger
Jeong You Jeong - Santiago Gamboa
An Heonmi - Andrei Khadanovich
Park Sangsoon - Linda Maria Baros
16:30 [poem]
Lee Sumyeong - Paula Cunningham
Ha Jaeyoun - Jana Benova
Kim Soom - Jinji
Hae Yisoo - Mohib Zegham


Place Daehakro Arts Theater 3rd Hall Daehakro Arts Theater 3rd Hall Daehakro Arts Theater 3rd Hall Daehakro Arts Theater 3rd Hall Daehakro Arts Theater 3rd Hall
19:00 Kim Soom Mohib Zegham Tong Weiger Teemu Manninen Ha Jaeyoun
Jinji Andrei Khadanovich Santiago Gamboa Pak Jeong-de​ Jana Benova

TJ Dema

Hae Yisoo Kim Kyung-uk ​​​​​​​​​​Alexis Bernaut Lee Sumyeong



Moon Taejun​

An Heonmi Park Sangsoon Kim Sun-Woo Lili Mendoza

Bae Suah

Cheon Myeong-kwan Linda Maria Baros   Paula Cunningham
Werner Fritsch David Vann Jeong You Jeong HAM Jeung Im
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