2012 Writers

Uthis Haemamool : novelist

Nationality : Thailand
Uthis Haemamool was born in 1975 (Saraburi Provinc…

Leon P. Nol : poet

Nationality : Mexico
Leon Plascencia Nol is a poet, narrator, painter, …

Johannes Goransson : poet

Nationality : USA
Johannes Goransson was born and raised in Sweden, …

Ivy Alvarez : poet

Nationality : U.K
Ivy Alvarez is the author of Mortal (2006) and Dis…

Fay Chiang : poet

Nationality : USA
Fay Chiang has been a writer, visual artist, commu…

K. Srilata : novelist

Nationality : India
A poet, fiction writer and translator, Srilata is …

Jennifer Kwon Dobbs : poet

Nationality : USA
Jennifer Kwon Dobbs was born in Wonju, Republic of…

Jakob Hein : novelist

Nationality : Germany
Jakob Hein is a German writer who has published tw…

Jean P. Toussaint : novelist

Nationality : Belgium
Jean-Philippe Toussaint was born November 29, 1957…

Philippe Besson : novelist

Nationality : France
Philippe Besson was born on January 29, 1967. His …

Choi Jeongrye : poet

Nationality : Korea
Choi Jeongrye was born in 1955, near Seoul. She st…

Jin Eun-young : poet

Nationality : Korea
Jin Eun-young was born in 1970 and majored in phil…

Shim Bo-seon : poet

Nationality : Korea
Shim Bo-seon was born in Seoul and studied sociolo…

Kim Yi-deum : poet

Nationality : Korea
Kim Yi-deum made her literary debut in 2001 in Poe…

Kim Ki-taek : poet

Nationality : Korea
Kim Ki-taek was born in Anyang in 1957 and made hi…

Choi Jae-hoon : novelist

Nationality : Korea
Choi Jae-hoon was born in 1973 in Seoul and gradua…
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