2006 Writers

Kim, Yeon-Kyung : novelist

Nationality : Korea
Yeon-Kyung (b. 1975) studied Russian literature at…

Kim, Younsu : novelist

Nationality : Korea
Younsu (b. 1970) studied English literature at Sun…

Kim, Jung-hyuk : novelist

Nationality : Korea
The biggest art that influences my fiction is musi…

Kim Tak-hwan : novelist

Nationality : Korea
Tak-hwan (b. 1968) has studied Korean literature a…

Andersson, Lena : novelist

Nationality : Sweden
I was born in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1970 where I h…

Birmajer, Marcelo : novelist

Nationality : Argentina
Born in Buenos Aires in 1966. Marcelo has publishe…

Desiati, Mario : novelist

Nationality : Italy
Born in Bari in 1977, Mario studied in Martina Fra…

Park, Hyung-jun : poet

Nationality : Korea
Hyung-jun (b. 1966) studied creative writing at Se…

Arsenijević, Vladimir : novelist

Nationality : Serbia-Montenegro
I am a novelist. So far I published four books. I …

Sung, Kiwan : poet

Nationality : Korea
Kiwan (b. 1967) studied French literature at Seoul…

Costamagna, Alejandra : novelist

Nationality : Chile
Born in 1970, novelist and journalist Alejandra is…

Walser, Alissa : novelist

Nationality : Germany
Born in 1961, writer and translator Alissa has stu…

Hein, Jakob : novelist

Nationality : Germany
Born in Leipzig, East Germany, in 1971, Jakob stud…

Oh, Soo Yeon : novelist

Nationality : Korea
Soo Yeon (b. 1964) studied Korean literature at Se…

Tokarczuk, Olga : novelist

Nationality : Poland
Born in 1962, Olga lives deep in the south country…

Yoon, Sung Hee : novelist

Nationality : Korea
Sung Hee (b. 1973) studied creative writing at the…
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