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The SIWF Organizing Committee – the People behind theFestival

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The SIWF Organizing Committee – the People behind theFestival 


The importance of a blueprint while building a home cannot be stressed enough. So is the case with the Seoul International Writers’ Festival. Being a week-long festival, with more than twenty Korean and foreign participating authors, much time and effort goes into its preparation. 

The people in the organizing committee are the ones who design the blueprint of SIWF. 

The committee envisions the festival it wants to create and prepares a draft that can turn that vision into reality. 

It then carefully creates the basic framework of the festival in accordance with the draft. 

The authors and audience who participate in the festival are the ones who flesh out the framework and erect a magnificent home.



The organizing committee is comprised of five members: a novelist, poet, literary critic, literary reporter and an event organizer. 

The first and most important item up for discussion in the monthly committee meeting is the invitation of participants. 

Each committee member recommends writers and poets, and the committee finalizes the list of participants through discussions. 

Another important item at the committee’s discussion table is the festival theme. 

This year’s theme, “Eros and Dream,” was also thought up by the committee members. 

The committee also oversees specific details of the festival such as venue, events, and selection of moderators for the free talk sessions.



The 2014 SIWF organizing committee is headed by Mr. Choi Jae-Bong from the literature desk at The Hankyore. 

Novelist Kim Tae Yong and poet Kim Haengsook are also part of the 2014 SIWF committee. 

Having participated themselves in previous SIWFs, they provide frank opinions and advice that are crucial to ensuring the success of the festival. Literary critic Kang Yu-Jung, with her profound insight into the literary inclinations of the authors, helps the committee create teams of local and foreign authors and decide their theme. Seongbuk Cultural Foundation CEO Kim Jong-whee, who has vast experience in organizing cultural events, ensures the smooth management of the festival. 

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