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Get to know SIWF (3) – the history

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Get to know SIWF (3) – the history

- The changes we have went through -



After the first festival in 2006, the Seoul International Writers’ Festival was held biennially, in 2008, 2010, and 2012. The basic format of festival was the same throughout those years, but each festival came to have different characteristics as they emphasized different aspects. 


The festival was first called the Seoul Young Writers’ Festival and it focused on promising young writers from home and abroad. Starting with the third festival, however, the name was changed to the Seoul International Writers’ Festival, and writers of diverse age groups and experience were invited. Thus the festival came to represent both promising and established writers from around the world.



                                                                                              ▼ Covers of 2006 – 2012 Festival Anthologies



The festival program has also changed through the years. In the first festival, the discussion session was only for the participating writers. Later, the writers suggested opening up the session to the public so more people could get involved with the interesting literary discourse during the festival. That’s why we put in the free talk and reading sessions starting from the second festival and welcomed the public to enjoy literature more closely. Through this change SIWF was transformed into a festival for readers as well as writers.



This is the growth story of SIWF. And this year, we proudly present the fifth SIWF. In all, 28 writers will participate in the festival, and it’s going to be much more fun with diverse genres of performance accompanying the readings.



If you are curious about who is planning the festival, stay tuned. In the next newsletter, we will introduce the organizing board of 2014 SIWF. 

See you soon! 

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