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Get to know SIWF (2) – the beginning

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Get to know SIWF (2) – the beginning

- The first festival, Seoul Young Writers’ Festival -




The first Seoul Young Writers’ Festival was held in May 2006. From as near as Japan to as far as Mexico and Chile, 16 young writers from 15 different countries arrived in Seoul and were warmly welcomed by fellow Korean writers.
The festival was held in Hongdae, a place which boasts a creative, youthful energy. Not unlike today, the alleys of Hongdae used to be filled with unique cafes, music bars, and ateliers of artists. We hoped SYWF would absorb this free and bold Hongdae atmosphere.
Although awkward at first, the writers soon broke into deep and fun conversations on literature. The dialogue was then continued in seminars, on a train trip to Yeongju, and at the dinner table. This was all possible because they all had something in common – writing. Even those who didn’t usually talk much opened up and chatted passionately during the festival. They did this for one another – to share their different perspectives and values and to better understand each other. The little chats and discussions on literature were all woven together to create a solid communion.



The SYWF was much appreciated by the participants. Many writers professed that the experience was a refreshing stimulus, giving them inspiration for future writing. Thanks to the hearty support of the writers, LTI Korea decides to hold this festival regularly.

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