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Get to know SIWF (1) – the origin

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Get to know SIWF (1) – the origin

- The question which led to the birth of SIWF -




How interesting would it be if writers from around the world could come together and communicate about literature?’


This was the question we asked ourselves. The Literature Translation Institute of Korea (LTI Korea) is dedicated to introducing Korean literature to readers in the world, which we hope will contribute to broadening peoples’ understanding of one another beyond cultural and linguistic barriers. The writers’ festival is a great venue for writers to exchange ideas and share perspectives with their fellow writers from around the globe.



There are many international literary festivals based in famous cities. Among the best known are the Internationales Literature Festival in Berlin, the Melbourne Writers Festival, and the Dublin Writers Festival. During the festival the whole city feels as if it’s immersed in literature, as literary events of all sorts are presented at cafes, libraries, and bookstores throughout the city. 


International Literary Festivals


Internationales Literature Festival in Berlin (www.literaturfestival.com/)

Melbourne Writers Festival (www.mwf.com.au/)

Dublin Writers Festival (www.dublinwritersfestival.com/)



So why didn’t Korea have a literary festival? Korean literature has been translated into 37 different languages and warmly welcomed by readers around the world. Still, there was no festival which celebrated Korean literature, a proud cultural asset. With a mission to promote literature in the cultural hub of Korea, Seoul, LTI Korea moved forward with plans for a festival. And in 2006, the Seoul Young Writers’ Festival was launched!
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