Kim Haengsook

- Free Talk with : Yuan Tian
Date : Tuesday, September 23
Time : 2 PM
Venue : W stage
Essay : “The Architecture of Emotions”
- Reading -
Date : Friday, September 26
Time : 8:30 PM
Venue : Gallery NaMu
- Performance -
Reading : Hug / The Location of a Neck / A Bed Speaks / Kiss in a Forest / This Book
Ambiguity and strangeness do not make [Kim Haengsook’s poetry] any less beguiling…The gaps and omissions in her lines and stanzas serve to express how our lives are made up of gaps and omissions.” – Cho Jeong-kwon, poet, juror commentary for the 2009 Nojak Literary Award

Kim Haengsook was born in 1970 in Seoul. She was educated at Korea University, Seoul (B.A., Korean Education; Ph.D., Korean Literature). She made her debut in Hyundae Munhak in 1999 and has published three collections of poetry, Adolescence, Good at Breaking Up, and The Meaning of Other People. She has also published the scholarly works What Was Literature, Crossing Creation and Wasteland and such books as The Invention of Chance Encounters, Eros and Aura. Voted ‘Young Poet of the Year’ by her peers, she is the recipient of the Nojak Literary Award (2009). She is editor of World Literature and professor of Korean literature at Gangnam University.
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