Kang Jeong

- Free Talk with : Claude Mouchard
Date : Wednesday, September 24
Time : 4 PM
Venue : W stage
Essay : “Who is the man who puts rotten fruits inside my head, and squeezes rotten juice deep into my blood vessels?”
- Reading -
Date : Tuesday, September 23
Time : 8:30 PM
Venue : Changwoo Theater
- Performance -
Reading : Kiss / Time for an Unfamiliar Animal / At Noon, Sex is Green / Room Full of a Host of Butterflies / Ladyhawk
“The poems of Kang Jeong are senses collected from a completely new world, which combined with the poet’s unique lyricism are reborn as songs of a new, hitherto unheard-of order.” – Poet’s Square [Siin Gwangjang] webzine

Kang Jeong was born in 1971 in Busan and studied creative writing at Chugye University for the Arts. He made his debut in 1992, publishing 5 poems including “Port” in Hyundae Poetry World. He has published such collections of poetry as Execution Theater, I Was Only Trying to Tell You, Kiss, Bow, and the essay collections Root and Code, Nasty Taste, Comma, ssi. 
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