Mohib Zegham

- Free Talk with : Hae Yisoo
Date : Friday, September 30
Time : 4:30 PM
Venue : Space Feelux
Essay : Nothing was forgotten but one thing…
- Reading -
Date : Tuesday, September 27
Time : 7 PM
Venue : Daehakro Arts Theater
- Performance -
Reading : The Bound Man

Mohib was born in 2nd February 1973 in Kabul, Afghanistan. He is a physician (Echocardiologist), fiction writer, non-fiction writer, child writer, translator and essayist. He has 10 published works (two collections of short stories, three novelettes, three books for children, a collection of essays, and a travelogue) and 4 published translation, as well as hundreds of essays published in newspapers and magazines. War, casualties, violence, social problems and conflicts made him to start writing on 2006. He selects serious themes for his stories and the message of the story is very important for him. Mohib has been the editor for two magazines; Sapida, and Insan. His most popular work is his first novelette Zanmargai (the Suicide Bomber), which is translated into Urdu and English. Mohib has received the second prize in a story writing competition and recently has been awarded with the highest Afghan government medal by Afghan president. 


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