​​​​​​​​​​Pak Jeong-de

- Free Talk with : Alexis Bernaut
Date : Monday, September 26
Time : 2:30 PM
Venue : Space Feelux
Essay : Revolutionaries Write Poetry, and Perform
- Reading -
Date : Thursday, September 29
Time : 7 PM
Venue : Daehakro Arts Theater
- Performance -
Reading : Instructions for the Use of a Zippo Lighter with Che Guevara / Leftist Evening Listening to Tom Waits / Pardon, Pardon Pak Jeong-de

Pak Jeong-de was born in Jeongseon, Gangwon Province. He studied Korean literature at Korea University, and made his debut in 1990 in the Monthly Literature & Thought with six poems including “The Aesthetics of Candlelight.” He has published the poetry collections Fragments; In the Gyeong-eyolbiyeol-do of My Youth, Snow Still Falls like Music; Amur Guitar; The Street of All Possibilities, A Job Called Life, and Viva Che Guevara!. He won the 22nd Daesan Literary Award in 2014 for his poetry collection Viva Che Guevara!, the 14th Kim Daljin Literary Award for “Playing the Morin Khuur at Night,” and the 19th Sowol Poetry Award for “By the Amur River.” He is a member of the No Sugar Added Cigarette Club and the International Poetry Radical Barbarian Band.

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