Tong Wei-Ger

- Free Talk with : Kim Kyung-uk
Date : Monday, September 26
Time : 3:30 PM
Venue : Space Feelux
Essay : Hard to be Remembered
- Reading -
Date : Wednesday, September 28
Time : 7 PM
Venue : Daehakro Arts Theater
- Performance -
Reading : Hide

Tong Wei-Ger is a Taiwanese author. He received a Master’s degree from the Graduate School of Theatre at the Taipei National University of the Arts, and currently serves as the full-time lecturer for the school. Tong’s works are chiefly in the form of novels, describing a wide variety of mundane lives through concise language, and using a sense of magical realism to interweave the connections among them. In 20l0, his work, Northwest Rain, won the Taiwan Literature Prize for Novel.

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